sneak peek.

We got our wedding photos today! Dani Braden did such a great job. (We highly recommend her!) Here are just a few. We will be sharing more over the next week.

Absolutely beautiful bouquets by Fresh by CarryAnn. I loved them!

Nate and his groomsmen. This is their most serious one.

We're married!

Still loving marriage two weeks in. Quick story ... Nate is learning what it's like to go to bed at 9 p.m. I'm really pretty worthless past 8:30. Last night we sat down to watch a movie and I stretched out on the couch and was out. Nate finished the movie and then pulled up YouTube videos of kittens on the TV in an attempt to wake me up. I thought it was pretty funny when he told me today. You watch one YouTube video of a cat, and before you know it five hours have gone by and you've seen about 480 videos of kittens.

More later!

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