Nate's cousin, Sarah
Whew, was this really just the first day off work before the wedding? I woke up early and started off packing up my car with some wedding things to take to the church. I met my friend Tonya there at 9 a.m. and we spent and hour thinking through decorations. We got some good ideas and I headed to the car wash. I had already washed my car, but the July 4th fireworks in my neighborhood were so intense that the next morning I woke up to find paper shrapnel covering every inch of my Versa. I took it through the automatic and vacuumed it. I tossed some trash into the dumpster and headed back to the car. Locked. Locked. Locked. Locked. Every door. I put my hands in my pockets to get the keys ... and they weren't there. After a frantic self-patdown, I peered inside to see my keys laying on the passenger seat. They must have fallen out while I leaned in to vacuum the floorboards.

The first thing I did was call Nate. He didn't answer. Nate has a copy of my car key, but he wouldn't get off work for another three hours, so he couldn't really help me anyway. I have a sticker on my windshield with the number for my Liberty Mutual roadside assistance. I called them and they said they would send out someone from Pop-a-Lock. An automated call informed me the wait time was 1 hour. Great. So I sat, stood, leaned, squatted, slumped next to my car for the next hour and ten minutes until a guy finally pulled up, popped my door open, and rushed to his next call. No cost. Insurance covered it. It put a wrench in my day but a free fix helped.

Nate's family arrived this evening. His parents and sister drove, and his aunt, grandma, and cousins flew in from Denver. They came over and Nate and Michael (a groomsman) grilled up hot dogs and hamburgers. There were 13 people in my house ... the most we've ever had. We put the sectional to good use. Miles was a little freaked out and because of some allergies, he spent the evening in the bedroom.

I am ready to crash! Nate's mom is coming over in the morning and we're going to go out and look for flowers to pot and desserts and fruit for the reception. Nate and I are going to blink and we'll be married!

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  1. So excited!! Can't wait to come join the party!!!!-Caitlin


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