I took a half day of vacation today, which was nice considering it was cloudy and rainy. I made a quick trip to the bank, the grocery store, and then came home and started working on my book. Then I took a nap. :) Now I'll make dinner and wait for Nate to get home. A nice relaxing afternoon.

Otis survived the vet yesterday and is already back to his normal self. He probably didn't need it, but I gave him his pain meds today anyway. All those times watching my mom straddle the cat, force its mouth open, and squirt medicine toward the back of its throat really paid off. ;)

I ordered my college transcripts sent to SBTS. The application process is coming along and hopefully I'll be accepted soon so I can register for a spring class or two. Nate is going to take 15 hours, which is three hours more than he is taking now. I don't know how he'll do it.

Tonight for dinner is cheesy potato soup. I loved making it last winter; I would usually double the recipe and freeze the rest but our freezer is packed full (I bought green beans and tater tots at Sam's Club in ... uh, mass quantity) so I'll just make a single batch.

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