It's November! Another month closer to getting to travel to Kansas and Colorado for Christmas. Nate had class last night, so I fell into bed around 4:30 p.m. and got up to eat around 9 p.m. when Nate got home. Then I went back to bed. Yeah, I'm running on 12.5 hours of sleep. I've been unusually tired lately even when I get extra sleep so we're going to see if some caffeine will help. Diet Coke anyone? Needless to say, I'm too cheap to buy candy to give to trick-or-treaters so the lights were off at our house last night.

Nashville has been hitting low 30s in the mornings, so when Nate and I carpooled to work this morning, Nate had to scrape frost off the windows but I had a blanket ready straight from the dryer to keep us toasty until the car heated up. Is there anything more comforting than a blanket straight from the dryer?

On the calendar for November:
- finish painting the kitchen
- house cleaning (yay LivingSocial!)
- Nate and I are babysitting twice
- Thanksgiving in Nashville
- use the treadmill

Regions Bank has decided to nix their debit card fees (yeah!) so I can finally start using my card again when I shop at Aldi and Kroger. I planned out the next two weeks of meals so I can be a more effective grocery shopper. Tonight it's pork chops, tomorrow: slow cooker ham, Thursday: tomato and pesto chicken, Friday: chicken noodle soup. I read a post from a blogger who plans out slow cooker recipes, chops up all the ingredients, and freezes them together in freezer bags. So then the day before, you just have to thaw the bag and dump everything into your slow cooker. I'm going to have to have a chop session soon and cut up all my onions and celery and carrots so I can make soups and stews all winter. Yum!

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