summers in Nashville.

 Late May 2008 - Lee, Jordan, Jared, and I drove through Nashville on our way to STP in Jacksonville. It was my first time in Nashville and I remember the city was much smaller than I imagined it would be. We stood on the Shelby Street Bridge on the east side of downtown. I was between my second and third (last) year at K-State.

June 2009 - I returned to Nashville after graduating from K-State to work as an editorial intern at LifeWay. Here I am touring Gaylord Opryland Hotel. Two short months later, they hired me as a production editor on the preteen team. I began looking for a house to buy.

June 2010 - I've been living in Nashville for a year and in my house for about 8 months. My roommate Jennifer and I went with some of the new summer interns to see Audrey Assad at The Rutledge downtown. This was the day Nate e-mailed me asking if he could visit me in Nashville. :)

June 2011 - Nate and I were 11 days away from our wedding day. We grilled dinner in the backyard. Nate took the year off from school. We had one cat, Miles, and I was super excited about becoming a Jones. (I let Nate grill … this picture was totally posed.)

OK, so this picture is also from 2011 because it's from our engagement photos, but here I am back on the Shelby Street Bridge! Three years after my first landing in Nashville, with much longer hair, and a husband! It was freezing cold that day, a freak day after some beautiful days that week.

I don't have any pictures with me of me and Nate recently. Basically Nate's beard is really big now and two weeks ago I cut my hair to my shoulders again. I'm now a content editor and Nate is two years away from getting his M.Div. and he is working full time as a team lead at Starbucks. I'm looking forward to this summer; there is so much to do in Nashville in the summers! We are looking at things to do for our one year anniversary in July, and I think we have decided on Atlanta because it's a fairly short drive and there is a lot to do. We'll have a long, five-day weekend around July 4.

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