diy 2012.

Well, it's that time again. Holiday travels are over, we are back to work, and we are finding DIY projects to do around the house. Last night it was to replace to 2.5-year-old $4 blinds that the cats had destroyed. Nate went to Lowe's and got Roman shades that match our bedroom ones for the two small windows, then he got a rod and a curtain to cover the big window.

I assembled the little windows and let Nate tackle the big one. The little ones were easy, especially because we had done them before in the bedroom. Our cats our going to hate these because they can't see outside unless they are drawn up.

The curtain! I love it. It matches the pillows on the couch. The designs are a little different, but the colors are perfect. It makes me feel like we have a living room from a magazine. :) Our next DIY will be fixing the shelves I tried to put in the study. Nate wants to get the study back in order before he starts classes. One thing is for sure: we need more room for all of our books!

In other news, Nate's beard is out of control. He says this picture makes it worse than it actually is, but I think it is worse than this picture shows. It is long and bushy, and I think he hides stuff in there. His coworkers at Starbucks wanted to dye in blonde because of their new blonde coffee, but I'm ready to pay $40 to take him to a professional and get him looking like he did on our wedding day. :)

I've been cutting his hair but the beard has pretty much been off limits. I feel like it is my duty as his wife to tame that thing. Don't you agree? :)

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  1. He reminds me of the guy on Carl Edwards' pit crew who wouldn't cut his beard until Carl won another race, and he had this really long streak of winless races so the guy's beard was considerably more out of control and very long. I agree, though - tame that thing! ;)


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