same kind of different.

I finished reading my second book in 2012: Same Kind of Different As Me. It's no wonder this book was rated so many stars on Amazon.com. I loved it! It's the true story of two men, Denver Moore—a modern-day slave—and Ron Hall—a wealthy international art dealer. Brought together by Ron's wife, Deborah, the two change each others' lives in ways they could never imagine.

The voice goes back and forth between Ron Hall and Denver Moore, and they write like the speak. So Ron Hall's voice is sophisticated, while with Denver you get something like this:
Until Miss Debbie, I'd never spoke to no white woman before. Just answered a few questions, maybe—it wadn't really speakin. And to me, even that was mighty risky since the last time I was fool enough to open my mouth to a white woman, I wound up half-dead and nearly blind.
This book is a real tear-jerker when you get close to the end. I nearly wept at my desk. It's a quick read; I borrowed it for free on Kindle from the Nashville library. Check it out!

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