snuggle up.

Turns out our cats like our electric blanket as much as we do. Last night I got home from work and got into bed to get some reading done. Otis snuggled up with me until Nate got home. :)

It's a miracle! I finally cooked a meal last night. I don't know why it's been so hard to get my act together on this, but we made chicken quesadillas and guacamole. I had never cut into an avocado before but making guacamole was really easy! I'm still a little nervous about eating it because when I was little my parents used to tell us kids that guacamole is bat droppings. Nate loves it though.

It's dark and rainy here in Nashville, but warm. Like 50s warm. I'm still bummed my office doesn't have any windows. I'm tempted to invest in one of these.


  1. I think you're confusing guacamole with guano. I don't remember telling you guacamole was bat droppings. :)

    1. No you totally did! at Casa Bonita! :)


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