dos años.

Today one of my managers was telling our new manager about me, and he mentioned that I have biked across Kansas three times, and he gave details I told him during my internship interview … two years ago! March 18-20, 2009—I made my first trip ever to Nashville. It was the end of my spring break at Kansas State University and I had an interview for an internship for a publishing company I really didn't know much about. The round trip was 23 hours, 1,375 miles, and $94 of fuel.

I was traveling alone, so on my way back to Kansas when I stopped at the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, I asked a stranger to take my picture. Alyssa at age 21. I had no clue then that two days later I'd be offered the internship, which would lead to a job, which would land me in Nashville owning my first home, adopting a kitten, and getting married.

On another note, check out Jered & Katie McKenna. I almost always listen to music at work while I edit, so I'm always looking for good tunes. You can download an album for free at NoiseTrade. You won't regret it.

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