We were supposed to have dinner with Samne tonight, but I'm sick. :-( I didn't even eat all my chocolate animal crackers today which is a big red flag because I love those things. Miles is hanging out with me while Nate goes to the store for soup. This is the second time this year I've gotten a cold (I was out a week in January). Nate thinks it's because I use hand sanitizer all the time. He's probably right.

The last couple of days in Nashville have been cold! Like 40s cold. My windows were frosted over on my car when I left this morning and I soaked them with wiper fluid because I didn't want to get out and scrape them. Nate had the day off so he got out and mow the yard before it rained.

Kansas plays tonight at 6:30. I'm not doing too great on my bracket, but 3 of my 4 final four teams are still in it, and I'm still hopeful that Kansas might pull this one out.

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