Last night Sam and Anne came over, and I made beef stroganoff in the slow cooker. I was a little nervous because it was my first time making it, and Nate always talks about how awesome his mom's is. Fortunately everyone liked it and it was so easy to make. I also served up sides of green beans and broccoli, and crescent rolls. We played a few rounds of Bananagrams before calling it a night.

Nate's turning 27 on Saturday so in the next day or two I'm going to make a cheesecake. (Cheesecakes are better on the second or third day.) For some reason, every day after I finish my lunch (soup or sandwich with orange or cheese stick) I always have huge cravings for something sweet. I came across this recipe, and I like cake doughnuts, so I might have to try it. (I'm not talking like a soon-to-be bride, am I? I have my dress and I've got room to spare, so I'm not too worried.)

The forecast for the rest of the week/weekend in Nashville is mid- to upper-70s. Heck yes. I love love love turning off the heater and opening the windows.


  1. Easy recipe for doughnut holes I did for JR for the Superbowl:

    1.Make sugar, cinnamon, and orange zest mixture in a paper bag:
    2. Make dough balls from a can of grands rolls (you can make 4-5 balls per roll)
    3. Deep fry (only 4 minutes or so, let them get dark but not too dark)
    4. Dip in sugar/orange mixture.

    Totally unhealthy, very tasty with a hint of orange-goodness.

  2. Nice use of lmgtfy.com! That looks way easier than the recipe I found.


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