Nate finished up designing our wedding invitations on Wednesday, and yesterday I had them printed at FedEx Office (20% off … of course I found a coupon). Last night we went to Michaels and bought some decorative card stock (on sale for 40% off!). We printed the invitations on "natural" card stock, 2 per page (5x8 each) and our decorative card stock is 12x12. Nate put guide marks on the invitations, and we are meticulously using my cutting bar to cut the invitations and card stock to size.

Then Nate glued each invitation to a piece of decorative card stock and kept it flat beneath a heavy collection of Jonathan Edwards' works. Some of the paper is pretty wild! Most people's invitations will look different; only 4 will share the same decorative paper type. We thought that would be fun. (Although I think someone might get a crazy design and think we did that for all of them!)

We worked most of the evening before calling it quits around 10. We probably won't get these mailed out until next week, but I think they look pretty awesome. We know most people put the parents' names at the top, but it kind of distracted from our names. So they're more like a subtitle. We do not do things traditionally around here.

This navy blue paper is probably my favorite, even though our colors are aqua and black. (We really can't agree on what shade of aqua we like, but it's not really a key component in anything.)

64 days to go. I am ready to be done with planning!


  1. I think Nate said he likes colgate-aqua. :)

  2. I think Nate said he hates every color that even slightly resembles any shade of toothpaste!


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