I'm not exactly sure what we've been eating lately because things have been crazy and I've kind of been slacking in the cooking department. But I got my act together this week and planned some meals.

Sunday night we had honey-glazed pork chops with California blend vegetables. The pork chops were really easy; they only used honey, brown sugar, and a little salt/pepper. Our honey was straight from a bee hive in Maize, Kansas, thanks to Nate's dad.

Last night was taco night. A quick and easy favorite, and tonight I made orange curried chicken (Nate's fav) with mushrooms and green beans. Free green beans, I might add. We picked them up at Kroger and they were too light to register on the scale at checkout, so our cashier got frustrated enough to just give them to us for free.

And I am so so so excited about our strawberries! I picked 15 fresh from the garden this afternoon and there are plenty more that will be ready in the coming days. So much more delicious than store bought and free! We had strawberries for dessert dipped in Cool Whip. :) I'm really excited to go all out with the garden next year when I'll hopefully have more time to take care of it. We will be eating well in the Jones house.

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  1. Yum! Too bad you didn't cook like that when you were home. :)


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