Tonight I made soft giant pretzels! (A dessert to our Parmesan crusted tilapia.) This was a result of a Kroger trip the other day. Nate and I were passing through the baking aisle when he was drawn to a $6 box kit for making pretzels. I was like, "What? $6? I'm not paying that much for a box of pretzel mix! Honey, I'll find a recipe when we get home." I'm kind of a cheapo, but these homemade ones were probably even better. And I got to use my bread machine which made it pretty easy. Nate said they tasted like Auntie Anne's.

In other news, Nashville is under siege by cicadas ... aka the Cicada Invasion 2011. Apparently this is a 13-year cycle, and these suckers have been "napping" since I was in the fourth grade. I spotted my first one on Saturday when I was at Musicians Corner with Anne. I calmly informed her it was crawling up her shoe, and it was the ugliest little booger ... big orange eyes and about the size of a grasshopper.

This Saturday, there were molted skins all over my foundation, and this evening when I went out back to pick strawberries, I saw three in the strawberry leaves and went right back inside. Nate went out and brought in fresh strawberries. I guess if you can't beat 'em, make some money off of merchandise. You can get your own Music City cicada swatter here.

We're officially two months out from the wedding. Still lots to do. We're trying to finish up invitations this week.

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