Today Nate and I joined a couple from church to participate in a Ravenchase Adventure Race in downtown Nashville. Think "Amazing Race" meets Music City. There were more than 70 teams of four, and we were given clues and had to walk around to various places and decode more clues and fill them all out on an answer sheet.
Megan, Keith, Nate, and me with the gold rooster.
I was trying to hold up eight fingers ...
It was so much fun! The clues had us everywhere from the State Capitol to the AT&T building to the Nashville Public Library, Shelby St. Bridge, symphony center, Country Music Hall of Fame, up and down Broadway, dancing on the sidewalk, solving word searches on the go, and in a second floor billiards hall. Tons of walking and problem solving and decoding ... quickly, because all the other teams were out trying to finish early too. Fortunately I had figured out before lunch how to use a Vigenère cipher, so we saved a ton of time on that part of the race.

I've got to say, it was pretty intense. I get really competitive when it comes to stuff like this and we were bookin' it. It took us 1 hour and 40 minutes to complete the challenge ... we got 8th place! Out of 70 something! Yeah!

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