Yesterday after work, Nate and I headed down to Hillsboro Village to meet with Katy at Provence Breads & Cafe. She's the catering manager, and we met with her to talk about what they could do for us for our dessert reception.

Fruit tart! The one we tried had raspberries and kiwi.
This was the last super crucial thing on our to-do list, and it was amazingly easy. I think the meeting only took 10-15 minutes. We told Katy what we wanted, how much we had to spend, and she said they could do it. The best part? We got to sample some of the pastries!

Macarons … probably good, but we weren't fans.

Most of their pastries also come in mini sizes,
so we'll have a nice combination of desserts for everyone's tastes.
Planning should get a lot easier once we know how many guests we'll have. If you get invited to the wedding, RSVP! Even if you can't make it. Your friends will love you for it.

Since we'll be in Kansas next weekend, I only have five planning weekends left! And one of those I need to do some serious cleaning so Nate can move in. One of the best gifts I ever got was a house cleaning from my real estate agent on my 1 yr homeowner anniversary. It's a little too pricey for me to just buy myself, but those ladies are awesome.

Last night I made chicken fried chicken … which I'm pretty sure should just be called "fried chicken", and mashed potatoes. Actually, I've never been great at frying anything, so I baked the chicken. It was still pretty good.

Things have been a little slow in the office this week with people being gone and me waiting for things to be passed on to me. I hate slow days because I know things will hit me all at once down the road. I will withhold my rant on this. I use my Twitter to be passive aggressive about things that frustrate me. I am terribly cynical sometimes.

Last week I grabbed up a couple of Bon Iver tickets for the end of July. He is playing at the Ryman here in Nashville and Nate and I are both fans, so I thought it would be a fun "we've been married 18 days!" treat.

51 days and counting …

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  1. oh that fruit tart looks delish! i've never had the colorful macaroons i see everywhere, but one of these days i want to try them. just so i will know what they taste like when i see pictures!! LOL

    happy "almost wedding" weekend!! : )


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