christmas, part 1.

We are back from Christmas vacation! I have more photos to come, but here are some to get you started. We spent the first half of our trip in Kansas with my family.

Nate, me, Mom, Geoff, Erica, and JR at Christmas dinner 

 Our best friends Jenn and Evan and their boy Amos

Christmas at my grandparents' house. 
Uncle Mike, Aunt Marci, Uncle Andy, Aunt Rebecca, Uncle Shorty, Karen, Dad,
Nate, Aunt Rachel, Grandma, Grandpa, Cousin Kelly, JR,
Me, Cousin Melissa, Geoff, Cousin Elizabeth, Erica

I requested we take a silly photo. Haha.

More to come. We are glad to be back in Nashville. Miles and Otis did OK without us except that they took the blankets off the leather ottoman and then destroyed it with their claws. Now we are wishing we had paid the extra $50 for lifetime warranty against things like this. Although I have found some suggestions online for DIY repair. We'll see what we can do.

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