I am not apologizing for not blogging because the last week or so has been nuts. I am so ready for a week off at Christmas. We've been listening to David Crowder Band's new Christmas album and taking life one day at a time.

So other than work, not much has been going on around here. We did buy an ottoman for our sectional, and Nate had the day off so he rearranged the furniture in the living room. It feels like a completely different room and I like it a lot. Our ottoman is leather and we are afraid the cats will scratch it up, so right now it's covered with a blanket. It is also a storage ottoman, so we're going to fill it with all our board games. :)

We had fun tonight watching Miles and Otis interact. They are such brothers. Otis is getting so big! I think he learned how to eat from Miles.

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  1. great lookin young boys you got there posing together and wow that TV looks great! ;)


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