This afternoon I thought I'd run to Home Depot and install some shelves in the office for more book space. (As you can tell, they're stacking on the desks ... we're running out of bookcase room.) I used some of our Home Depot gift cards and had some to spare. A couple hours later, I've got a broken drill bit, sore arms, too-long screws, and slightly uneven shelves. I got two to put up but I'm waiting for Nate to help me hold the top one while I screw it into the wall. Ah well. I tried. Mediocre keeps me humble.


  1. Don't give up! Everyone experiences such challenges. It always looks so easy in the DIY books and on HGTV. Having help and the right tools and materiels is important. You be a pro before you know it!!

  2. I did shelves just like that in our office! But I didn't put it on my blog so that isn't helpful to you...haha. A few thoughts:
    1) Wall anchors are your friend. They sell them with the screws. Makes it much stronger for books.
    2) Screw in the L-bracket to the board then the whole thing to the wall. Maybe that's what you did...
    2) Get an extra set of hands :-)


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