christmas, part 2.

On Christmas Eve, we flew out of Kansas City and landed in Denver. Nate's uncle picked us up from the airport and we drove to a little town outside of Boulder called Niwot. All of Nate's extended family was there. We spent the next several days with them celebrating the holidays. On Christmas Day the adults sent us cousins on a scavenger hunt around Niwot to discover what we would do the next day. We found all the clues: We're going to Keystone!

 Nate at Keystone in Colorado

 Me and Nate at Keystone

 On Monday we went snow tubing at Keystone. It was so much fun! They even had a little conveyor belt you rode back to the top of the hill. We got about 9 runs in an hour. The day was a gift from Nana Ruth.

 On Wednesday we went to the Celestial Seasonings tea house in Boulder, Colorado. Nate sampled lots of tea.

Andy, Caitlin, and Hannah at the tea house.

Tuesday was a take-it-easy day because we were all so worn out from being on the mountain on Monday. Monday night we stopped at a pizza place in Idaho Springs called Beau Jo's. It was really good pizza. Tuesday morning we went to WiNoT coffeehouse and I finished my first eBook, a novel called O Little Town

Our flight got into Nashville last night around 11:15 p.m. and took a cab home. The kitties were glad to see us (we were not glad to see their ottoman destruction). We got a few hours of sleep before heading back to work today.

It was a fast, busy, tiring and fun week. I've got one more day of work before a three-day weekend. Nate is closing tonight and tomorrow (aka I won't see him until Saturday). Back to the grind. I'm off to find something for dinner; I'm craving pad thai. :)

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