This is fun. I have a chance to doodle a cover for one of our upcoming preteen devotional magazine. Here's an unfinished sneak peak:

The final drawing has a lot less white space. Our graphic designer is going to color it and decide if he likes it.
Tomorrow I'm interviewing David Crowder for Bible Express.

Just another day in the 'Way.


  1. you. are my hero. ...a great journalist. a rising artist. and interviewing my favorite lead singer. ^_^ Oh! and crazy thing: Nate's sister is one of my best friends from STP! the smallness of the world never ceases to surprise me!

  2. That's so cute. I remember back in my high school days when I wanted to design book and magazine covers. That's still something I'd be interested in doing. Good job!

  3. I's so cute!! He'd better like it ;-)


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