Today Metro Water Services rolled out online bill pay. It's about time. I dropped a check in the mail just this morning to pay my latest bill. I can finally pay all of my bills online. Woo hoo.

In other news, the office this morning is extremely quiet. This week, most people are out of the office on vacation. The silence is incredible and ideal for productivity. We should instate Quiet Hours from 9–11 and 1–3 each day. I'm only taking one vacation day next Tuesday, but we get a free 4-day weekend thanks to Christmas falling on a Saturday.

Speaking of the office, last year I was a part of a department meeting skit in which we parodied The Office to educate our coworkers about some basic office etiquette. Well, we feel it's about time for a refresher course, so I'm crossing my fingers that our managers will ask us to write another script in the near future.

I think a lot of office environments have numerous similarities. That's probably why shows like The Office are so popular. Our biggest current problem (besides obtrusive noise) is unnecessary e-mails. Fortunately, someone has developed an educational solution for which I am incredibly grateful.

Let Me Google That For You

1. A co-worker e-mails the entire department and says, "Does anybody know to fold an origami crane? My nephew showed me last week, but I totally forgot."

2. Reply with this link: http://tinyurl.com/2wxfjs7

Pure genius.

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