Well, winter has come to Nashville. It doesn't officially start until next Tuesday, but early this week we saw multiple inches of snow and ice. People are buying up milk and bread like crazy. Last night was predicted to be very icy, but fortunately after midnight things got a little warmer and it just rained. The roads to the office this morning were fine.

Editing like crazy today. Things are staying busy now that my team is working on three products. Sometimes our writers make me happy, and sometimes I wish they would have sent cash or chocolate with their assignments to keep me happy as I fix them. I grew up with the impression that editors were grumpy people, and now I kind of get it. We do have excellent writers, but sometimes they don't read the instructions.

Sometimes editing is hard because my office is at a very loud corner of the office. Sometimes people like to stand outside my door and talk. Sometimes they talk loudly on their phones without closing the door. Sometimes they play loud music from their computers without using headphones or let their phones ring and ring and ring. There's an empty window office across the hall from me now, but I hear someone else is moving into it. I'm pretty low on the totem pole, but I think I'd be happier and maybe even more productive with windows. Some people with windows close their blinds all day. What a waste.

Sometimes I hear some funny things from my office. Here was today's highlight:
"I love shredding things. It's like raking leaves, only easier."

Nate has today off. I'm making chicken pot pie for dinner even though we had it recently, but I'm slacking on my meal planning and way overspending my grocery budget. I will probably spend the rest of this month getting my act together so I can start fresh in January. I like new years. Today feels like yesterday, but January 1 feels new. Why is that?

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