Saturday night, Nate and I made the drive up to Louisville to visit some of his friends. It was raining on the way there but Nate drove and I fell asleep. With the time change, we got there around 10:30. Nate and I stopped at his Starbucks store and got hot chocolates.

Sunday after church, we had lunch with the Warmbiers. Erin made pad thai for lunch (I'm pretty sure pad thai is now my favorite food). Nate and Aiven played "hockey."

Aiven and Nate
After lunch we played Lord of the Rings Monopoly. Ezra watched. Nate won.

Nate and Ezra
Last night the snow started to come down as we left Louisville. The drive back to Nash was insane. Nate drove carefully and I felt safe enough to fall asleep for awhile. Just north of Nashville, a big semi was in the ditch and traffic was backed up. We finally made it home and Nate and I bundled up and walked/slid around the block. The streets were like ice rinks. I tried to drive home but got stuck on an icy uphill where about eight other cars had been abandoned on the side and I had to wait until morning.


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