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BBQ Ranch Chicken Wraps by Alyssa
Last night we made barbecue chicken. Tonight I used the leftovers to make BBQ Ranch Chicken Wraps. I had to stop by the store after work and get lettuce (because when I went grocery shopping earlier this week, I accidentally got cabbage instead ... now what do I do with all this cabbage?). Nate had to work tonight so I took him dinner. Starbucks is such an interesting place for people-watching. I got a caramel apple spice, my second favorite drink behind a non-fat chai latte.

So yesterday Nate and I were going to have chips and salsa. I bought two big jars of salsa from Aldi (tastes good and the price is incredible). Neither of us could get the lid off! Fortunately last Christmas my grandma got me a battery-powered jar opener. "Because you're a single girl," she said, to which I replied, "Grandma! How am I ever supposed to meet guys if I can do everything for myself?" Well, the jar opener worked perfectly. Thanks, Grandma.

Work has been a little bit crazy this week. Fortunately I'm putting the "production" in "production editor" and getting a lot done. Yesterday CS5 was crashing like a blind kid on a skateboard, but it turns out it has been crashing for a lot of people. I lost two hours of editing and about 60 pages of flowed text. Awesome. What's really awesome though is that tomorrow our managers are giving everyone a 1/2 day off! I'm thinking about cleaning my house or working out on my time off. Who knows though; I have an electric blanket fixed up beneath my fitted sheet on my bed, and I just know it will be calling my name.

It's December!

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