If you know anything about me, you probably know that I like saving money. So naturally, we aren't buying invitations from someone … we're making them ourselves. Nate is in Chicago this week so I'm waiting on his opinion, but after looking at some modern invitations, I put these together tonight. I can't decide what I like best. Any of my designer friends will cringe if they know I did these in Word. I don't know InDesign and I know Word really well! Ah well.

Got any favorites? Nate has a designer friend who has volunteered to work on our invitation, so we'll see what she can do.


  1. Cute! My favorites are the two with the pics and the two landscape options "we do" and the one with the criss-crossed blue lines. Of course I have only rudimentary design knowledge. I just know what I like but generally don't know how to fix what I do not, LOL. I am also SHOCKED that you did these in Word. ~Carol Cummings

  2. I like the one with the prayer chapel doors behind you in the pic. Personal opinion - i thought you should go with the awesome opposum theme but I guess that got shot down.

  3. Erica, that's Mom's favorite too. Nate said that one stuck out to him. I just have to get the date right … 2011. right. :)

  4. hey, i say you have some skills, making these up in Word! i like the chapel doors one and the one where you're on the hill? cute!!


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