Another hot day in Nashville. I caved and turned on the air considering 90 degrees sets an April 10 record. We usually don't see these temps until July.

After church, Nate and I stopped by Kroger and picked up a couple of treats. We're having a fun reception that will hopefully include Jones soda! Who doesn't love products with your name/future name on it? Kroger didn't have the berry lemonade (perfect color) in the bottle, so we tried the flavor in a can and got cream soda flavor in the bottle. Buying Jones at Kroger is cheaper than buying directly from Jones online. Since aqua is our color, we want to have some bottles of berry lemonade Jones soda at the reception. Jones soda is pure cane sugar. It was kind of like drinking cotton candy.

Our honeymoon is booked! Thanks to Southwest's Rapid Rewards program, we're flying round trip for free. Plus we had money in our accounts from a previous flight so we splurged and signed up for the early bird check-in so we can board in the A-group. :) We will fly into Jacksonville, Florida, and drive to St. Augustine where we'll stay at a Bed & Breakfast. Nate and I both spent summers in Jacksonville, so the area is familiar and fond to us. The B&B is in the heart of the historical district of St. Augustine right on the bay. Five nights. We're stoked.

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