Nate returns from Chicago late tonight, but it's supposed to rain tomorrow. And my front yard is getting a little out of control. Besides, almost all the yards on my street are freshly mowed and, while I don't think any of my neighbors really care if my grass is a few inches too tall, I thought I'd give mowing a try.

When I first bought my house, I went out and bought a reel mower. It seemed like a good idea at the time ... no gas, no noise, lightweight ... yeah, it might work okay on grass but we're mostly weeds here. It was a bust, and my neighbor Kevin used his Bad Boy gigantic riding mower to keep my yard trimmed all summer. Nate's dad got us a gas mower last month, and I've never used one before. (I used a riding mower growing up, no rope pulling required!) So I did a little research (read: Googled "how to use a gas mower") and went out to tackle this thing.

I filled it with non-ethanol gas, pushed the primer pump in a few times, set the left handle to rabbit, the right handle to neutral, squeezed the handle, and pulled the rope. "Rrrrrr." A weak ringing of the rope retracting. I tried over and over and couldn't get it to start. I was about to give up when I tried once more and it started! Once I got the self-propelled thing figured out I managed to get the front yard done. Well, not in between the bushes because it was difficult to turn and I was having a hard time. And I didn't do the backyard because I accidentally let go of the handle and couldn't get it started again. Oops. :) You know what Dwight Schrute says about women ... weak arms. Well, Nate can do the backyard next week. At least the front looks nice!

For the win.


  1. I've heard that the biggest mistake made my women who have never mowed before is that they mow the yard in the same way they run the vacuum - up and back! Glad you figured it out. Looks good and then you'll get married and if you get lucky like me, never mow again.

  2. haha, believe me, I WANTED to go up and back! But when it's self-propelled, that's impossible! I will not mow again. :)


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