where's the jones?

I'm looking for berry lemonade bottles of Jones soda for our wedding reception.

I just went out and checked at two Krogers, a Walmart, two Publix, and a Target. The Target and Walmart I visited didn't have any, Publix had glass bottles of the wrong flavors, and Kroger had cans of berry lemonade but glass bottles of the wrong flavors.

I could buy it online, but because we want so many and they are heavy and fragile, shipping is expensive! So if you live in the Nashville area (or Wichita, as we'll be there next month), keep your eyes peeled when you're in one of these stores and let me know if you find some berry lemonade Jones soda!

Possible carriers: 7-Eleven, ACME, Albertsons, ampm, A&P, Barnes & Noble, Bi-Lo, Dillons, Food Lion, Harris Teeter, HyVee, IGA, Kmart, Kroger, Meijer, Mobil, Shell, Target, Thriftway, Walgreens, Walmart.

Our backup option is cans of berry lemonade since my local Kroger carries it, but everyone knows bottles are way cooler than cans. Maybe we'll use a combination of both.



  1. some people said it was at Big Lots in Topeka.

  2. They have it at my Publix! I shop at the one in Belle Meade off White Bridge Rd., and they had it in stock last night when I was there.

  3. Awesome! Cheryl told me Publix will special order any items they don't have in stock too. Thanks!


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