long weekend.

Erica and Nate at Baja Burrito
I love three-day weekends. We had Friday off and my mom and sister came to Nashville this weekend. They were a huge help in getting some things done for the wedding. We're down to 74 days, which kind of seems like a lot, but they slip by so fast. The next thing on our list is to get the invitations done because we're getting close to the 2-months-to-go mark. The good thing is, besides food, if nothing else got done between now and July 9, the wedding would still happen. And besides Nate needing some black pants. But essentially all the most important things are done, and the honeymoon is booked. I still have quite the to-do list, but we're basically good to go.

Saturday afternoon, my mom and sister and I tackled my yard. Since Nate was in Chicago, it went about two weeks between mowings and we kept having to stop the mower and pull out chunks of thick damp grass from underneath it. But it got done and looked great. Then we went to Home Depot and I bought a hedge trimmer. A cordless electric hedge trimmer because I don't have outlets outside and I don't want to deal with gas (plus the weight of a gas trimmer). It took 9 hours to charge the battery, so we couldn't trim anything Saturday.

Maybe we'll try this next. :)
Last night after work, Nate and I went out there to see how it worked. I had never used a trimmer before, and it was a-maz-ing. I remember when I bought my house, the bushes were trimmed up very neatly and that made the house and yard really attractive. But in the last year and a half, I hadn't touched the bushes. Well, I had gone in with hand shears and clipped last summer but that really didn't help. So last night I started going at them and that hedge trimmer felt like a light saber! I'm very happy with it. It's probably 8 or 9 pounds so all the bushes are cut to about 6' since that was the highest I could hold it over my head for very long. I've got some sore arms today.

Later, I was driving home with Nate from the store when I see a giant (by giant I mean about an inch wide) white spider run across the windshield and I can tell it is on the inside because I see its body better than I see its legs and I start freaking out, which came in the form of screaming and bursting into tears, and Nate (who cannot figure out why I am reacting this way … perhaps I am getting stung repeatedly by wasps or having a brain aneurism, he thinks) finally understanding my screaming and pointing while trying to drive and sees the spider.

So he tries to punch it and my worst fear comes true—it drops. Now I am really freaking out because I know he didn't kill it and it is somewhere near my feet or possibly in my lap. We hit a red light (thank goodness) and I turned right into a parking lot and jumped out. Nate found that sucker under the floor mat and smashed it, and then I let him drive.

It was kind of hilarious afterward because I have never reacted like that to a spider, but I felt completely helpless since I was driving and for some reason I had it in my head that it was going to attack me.

Tonight we are having dinner with Sam and Anne. We love them. I am going to try to make tilapia.

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