When I got home from work yesterday, I cleaned up the house and found this reversible KU practice jersey in some of Nate's things his parents brought from their house. It was literally a dress on me (an XL with an extra 4 inches on the length). But I thought it was pretty cool so I wore it while we watched the KU v. UK game. Otis was not extremely excited about having his picture taken, but he loves me.

And … this is how I felt the majority of the game. KU was down by double digits. I was yelling at the TV. Play defense! Stop turning the ball over! Make a shot! (Totally something my high school coach would say, but definitely the right recipe for winning a basketball game.) KU did make a nice run at the end, coming within five points, but they came up short. Kentucky was good. We're hoping all their freshman draft into the NBA and KU can make a run next year.

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