together at last.

Nate ended up opening at Starbucks on Saturday morning before he went to class, so we had all afternoon and evening together! We had lunch at a park and laid on a blanket in the grass and soaked up the sun. Then we headed to Hillsboro Village for some Sweet Cece's frozen yogurt. Nate was trying to take pictures of my eyes and right when he snapped this one, I looked left. Ha!

Group hug. Nate caught these guys as they tried to run outside. Miles and Otis tolerate us just as much as we tolerate them. We really do love each other.

Odie snuggled with us as we watched the NBA Finals.

Nate, the cat hunter! Poor Odie! :)

Our typical Sweet Cece's choices. Mine is all chocolate; Nate's is all fruity.

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