Sundays are good days for naps. Nate left for work and I laid down with Miles and Otis. They are good snuggle buddies. I think it's funny when they sit with their legs curled up under them because it looks like they don't have any legs. :)

Miles and Otis have been brothers for 7 months, and they definitely act like brothers! Usually their chewing on an ear or tail turns into a lick fest. Since it has been so nice outside lately, I've been occasionally letting them wander around by the side porch for a few minutes while I watch them. Now Miles sits at the kitchen door and meows loudly all the time because he wants to go out. And when we come home the first thing we have to do is open the door just a crack and shove our leg in to make them back up so they won't run outside.

 Saturday we got to enjoy the wedding of our friends Michael and Hilary. They got married in East Nashville and our pastor Ray (who married me and Nate) did the ceremony. It was the first wedding Nate and I had been to since our wedding last July, and it was really fun to share in the excitement from another point of view. The reception was at the Cannery Ballroom downtown. Nate and I had fun in the photo booth, and dinner was delicious.

We sneaked out of the reception a little early to catch the KU v. Ohio State game. I fell asleep and didn't see most of the game, and when Nate said, "Honey, they're tied! Wake up!" I opened my eyes and said, "There are 15 minutes left. Wake me up when there are 5." ha. The wedding wore me out! We are excited that the Jayhawks are in the championship! Rock chalk!

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