T4G photos.

We had a great and exhausting (in a good way) week in Louisville. Here are some pictures from the conference. I'll write more later.

We spent Monday on the campus of SBTS attending a class associated with T4G12. Nate took the class for credit. I sat it on a couple of talks with him in the chapel.

The actual conference started on Tuesday afternoon at the KFC Yum! Center in downtown Louisville. There were 8,000 in attendance. We were trying to guess the ratio of men to women since it was primarily a conference for pastors. I would guess maybe 10 to 1 or 20 to 1, but I'm really bad at guessing numbers. One of my favorite parts of the conference was singing songs led by Bob Kauflin. I have never been in a room with such predominate male voices. It was really cool.

One of our favorite places was the "Zero Dollar Bookstore." A very accurate name because it was the room where they gave books to us … for free! We each got 19 free books and then we bought some more books for Nate at the LifeWay bookstore. Including duplicates, we can home with more than 62 books. Our home library is growing but we don't have bookshelf space for them all!

I was excited to see that The Gospel Project had a booth in the bookstore. I help write and edit The Gospel Project for Kids.

Trevin Wax, Mark Dever, Michael Kelley, and Matt Chandler talked about adult discipleship during an afternoon panel in the Zero Dollar Bookstore.

On Thursday, everyone got a free copy of Matt Chandler's new (and first) book, The Explicit Gospel. I am looking forward to reading this one.

Also on Thursday, Trevin Wax and Jared C. Wilson (who helped Chandler with his book) talked at The Gospel Project booth about Christ-centered ministry. We left the talk a little early to get to another event ...

Together for the Beard 2012! Author Joe Thorn (black shirt, center front) organized this photo opportunity for the men sporting impressive facial hair. Nate is standing directly behind Joe.

This final photo is from the last session of the conference. John Piper spoke. This was his last T4G Conference as a pastor. He preached from the Book of Jude on why he is amazed he is still a Christian.

Check out all of the T4G 2012 videos and audio at T4G.org. I took notes during the conference so I will probably post those somewhere soon or at least post some snippets that I found especially intriguing. I would recommend going to the T4G site and watching some of the videos. David Platt's message on Divine Sovereignty: The Fuel of Death-Defying Missions really stood out. The breakout sessions are available in audio format and the panels are also available as video.

We got back to Nashville around midnight last night. We had someone check on Miles and Otis while we were gone, but they pretty much had free reign on the cat food. I am fairly certain Otis doubled his weight while we were gone!  I used the 1/2 day coupon I won during our KMP Easter egg hunt and slept in until 9 before getting up and going to work around 10:30. Nate and I were laying in bed when we heard Otis batting a very noisy ball with a bell inside around the house. "I'm going to crush that ball," Nate said. "Don't," I replied. "He needs the exercise." :)

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