end of april.

I have some beautiful rhododendrons blooming in the front yard. It was a pretty normal week around here. We worked, Nate went to class, and I hung out with Miles and Otis. Wednesday evening I made lasagna! With Nate working evenings so much, I haven't been cooking much at all. It was kind of fun to get back in the kitchen … except for the dirty dishes. Nate says I'm allergic to doing dishes because I dislike it so much. Fortunately he volunteered to be the dish washer in the house if I'll clean the bathroom. How spoiled we will be if we ever have a home with a dishwasher!

Saturday I went to the Immanuel Women's Spring Mini-Retreat at our church. I went to the fall retreat last year, but not this past fall. There were about 45 women there, most of whom I didn't know. I was glad Tonya was there because out of all the women in Immanuel, I have probably known her the longest and shared the most experiences with her. Our introduction activity included standing up and saying your name and an adjective beginning with the first letter of your name that describes yourself. I scrolled through "A-adjectives" on my phone and when it came to my turn, I stood up and said, "I'm Alyssa Jones. And I'm awesome." Then I sat down. Everyone laughed. If you know me, I might sometimes think I am awesome, but I don't usually announce it like that! ;)

OK, how can you not take a picture of a sleeping cat when he is this cute?! Otis contorts into the strangest positions when he sleeps. Miles is a more mature/normal sleeper and I do take pictures of him, but since he is mostly black it is hard to get a picture that doesn't look like a giant shadow.
This week Nate is back to working evenings every day. It's nice for him because he has all day to work on his classes. It's sad for me because when I get home from work, he has just left to go to work until midnight and I'm asleep when he gets home. He only has a few more weeks left of classes this semester and even though he will probably take at least one class this summer, I will get to see him more. We even have some points saved up with Southwest for free flights so hopefully we will take a vacation to celebrate our first anniversary.

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