On days like this, I would like to work outside. Our preteen team went out this morning around 8:30 for a team picture to go on a Web site. I met Jennifer (my former roomie) for lunch out on the LW plaza. Soaked up the sun then went back to endure a few more hours in my windowless and very noisy office. My office is at a corner where three hallways intersect and it seems to be a popular place to talk. It's a good thing I'm not an impulse buyer, because I almost solved the problem for $20. Most of the time I depend on my earbuds and tunes to keep me going. Here are a few artists worth checking out:
1) Rosalyn - Thad Cockrell
2) The Invasion (Hero) - Trip Lee
3) Warrior - Sojourn

Also today I got Google Voice. It's free and gives you a phone number you can link to your phone. So now I have a Nashville number (area code 615) that I can give to people. When they call it, it will ring my cell phone (a Kansas area code). Google Voice will also save your voicemails online and transcribe your voicemail to text. Perfect because I hate checking voicemail on my phone. You can also opt to have text messages sent to your e-mail. This is great for me because on more than one occasion, I have gotten too click-happy on my phone and deleted all of my texts. Now they'll be saved online and I can easily search them and find that mailing address or photo or whatever I'm looking for.

This Saturday I was signed up to go to a writers conference here in Nashville to learn about getting published. But last night I decided not to go (I got a refund). Saturday will be my first day home and not busy in a very long time so I will hopefully get a lot done around the house. Also the weather should be beautiful Saturday so it would be nice to hit up Musician's Corner in Centennial from 3-6 p.m.

This week has worn me out. I wish I could pause time and catch up to it. It's been a blur. Even my dreams are wearing me out. Tonight I've shut off my A/C and opened the windows. I will undoubtedly wake up to mid-60s and a stuffy nose. Totally worth it. I'm very much looking forward to Labor Day weekend and going home to see my parents. I haven't been home since Christmas. Now Nashville feels like home.

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  1. I think that the "ear muffs" would make a real statement to the people walking by your office that they REALLY need to be more quiet!


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