take two.

It's been nine months since I closed on my house and nearly six since I've made any deliberate attempt at decorating. But today I was in the mood so I tried a little. Here's my problem: I can sit down and have a vision for what I want a room to look like. I can draw it out and in my head, it looks fabulous. But I have extreme difficulty when it comes to making it happen. I go to the store and simply cannot find what I want, or in the color or price range I want. So I'm left working with what I've got, and everyone knows it's very difficult to win a championship with a bunch of B-team players.

Wall art. I'm quite fond of it.
I got a couple of glass dishes and filled them with potpourri.
This one is in my bathroom with the tea lights.
Clock and shelf
So I tried to put up a clock and shelves in my dining room. Kind of a disaster. The shelves (three of them) came with picture frames; I got them in Andrea and Matt's garage sale leftovers. They are very similar to the cubes I put up in March: very difficult to hang. At least the first shelf I got the screws in the right spots so they slid into the back of the shelf, but my drywall anchors keep falling forward, even though they're the fancy kind with hooks on the back so you don't lose them in the wall.

So that shelf in the picture is very much slanted forward and I don't know how to fix it. I still have two more shelves (a medium- and small-length) to put up, but I'm going to put that project on hold until I fix the first. You don't get any do-overs in this unless you want to end up with a bunch of holes in your wall. Pictures are a piece of cake to hang. It's this double-screws-holding-up-the-entire-structure nonsense that I can't do. That, and pancakes. I'm too impatient.

Practice makes perfect,


  1. It sounds like you are drilling holes that are too big for your wall anchors. They should be pretty tight fitting, even before you put the screws in.

  2. I think I need lessons in putting in wall anchors. And a tub of spackle.

  3. What a great home to stay and work from home


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