This morning I participated in a training class, Exploring Personality Type, in which I discovered my Myers-Briggs type: ISFJ.

If you've never heard of Myers-Briggs, that probably doesn't make any sense. Basically there are four areas: Extroversion (E)—Introversion (I), Sensing (S)—Intuition (N), Thinking (T)—Feeling(F), and Judging (J)—Perceiving (P). In class we talked about what each letter meant and where we might fall on each scale. A 90-question test and an examination of the types led us to discover what we are. There are 16 possibilities. (For some, there are 17. Nateoh, I'll let you be an ESPN if you really want to.) :) I am an ISFJ.

What's an ISFJ like? Not all ISFJs are alike. My clarity report showed that I am very clearly an introvert, moderately a senser, slightly a feeler, and clearly a judger (organizer/planner). 

Type Description
  • Practical, realistic, considerate, and responsible
  • Focused on the needs of others; take responsibilities seriously and expect others to do the same
  • Respectful of established procedures and authority; value harmony and cooperation
  • Likely to see facts clearly and accurately, especially those that have a personal meaning for them
  • Likely to make decisions based on personal values and concern for others
  • Sympathetic, tactful, and supportive of others
  • Usually seen by others as quiet, serious, conscientious, and traditional
I am: a sympathetic manager of facts and details, concerned with people's welfare; stable, conservative, dependable, painstaking, systematic. Having introverted sensing as my strongest mental process, I am at my best when using my sensible intelligence and practical skills to help others in tangible ways.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
I value:
  • preserving; enjoying the things of proven value
  • steady, sequential work yielding reliable results
  • a controlled, orderly outer life
  • patient, persistent attention to basic needs
  • following a sensible path, based on experience
  • a rich memory for concrete facts
  • loyalty, strong relationships
  • consistency, familiarity, the tried and true
  • firsthand experience of what is important
  • compassion, kindness, caring
  • working to a plan and schedule
  • learning through planned, sequential teaching
  • set routines, common sense options
  • rules, authority, set procedures
  • hard work, perseverance
Our graphic designer, Andy, also took the class this morning. He's basically the opposite of me except for also being an introvert. The thing is, there's no right or wrong type. People with the same type generally get along well, but differing types compliment each other and with a team of varying types, everyone has something to offer. So, there you go. My type is basically what I expected. I thought I would be more of a Thinker than a Feeler. I used to really be a Feeler when I was younger, but now I only slightly am. My Thinker side tends to kick in more when I'm at work. Have you ever taken the Myers-Briggs? Which type are you?


  1. I'm an ISFJ as well, although I last took it my freshman year of college. I wonder how much it changes throughout your lifetime?

  2. I've known you for more than 22 years and I think the test pegged you pretty accurately! There's nothing wrong with all those qualities. Put together, you turned out pretty fantastic!


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