Yesterday marked my one-year anniversary of working at LW. Has it really been a year? I'm more excited about my job than ever, and what an experience Year 1 has been! I think Year 2 will be even better.

Today I'm soaking in God's grace. Grace like rain. It poured on my way home and the interstates were jammed. I-440 wasn't moving but I took another route y no problemo.

Tomorrow is Wednesday. Trash day.

Thursday I'm going to a training to learn about my personality type and how I can mesh well with my coworkers. It's the Myers Briggs test. I'll let you know how it goes. In the evening, I'm planning on baking snickerdoodles for Friday (see below).

Friday I have my annual (first year) performance review. I've never had one but all I can think about is the episode of The Office titled "Performance Review." :) Also a lunch meeting I'm pretty excited about. After work I'm heading out to Louisville. This is where the cookies come in, you see. A type of peace offering to Nate's friends who will be sad when he moves to Nashville. Cookies speak to guys like that, like, "Hey, I know you're bummed, but have a cookie. It's gonna be okay." :)

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  1. assuaged with snickerdoodles :) make peace with me too please.


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