Last night I dreamt I was in a boat—a fairly large boat. And it was sinking. I was considerably calm because it was daylight and the water was warm and we were somewhat close to shore, and I found myself and about six of my friends balancing on deck chairs atop rocks in the sea. Then the waves got bigger and bigger and I kept getting knocked off those rocks. One of my friends lost her chair altogether but I was able to stick my hand into the surf, pull up the chair, and give it back to her. The rest of my night was spent swimming and flailing and swallowing significant amounts of salt water. I woke up exhausted.

Two nights ago I had a dream that I was at a fancy party, something important that you had to dress up for and take a date. The host was quietly panicking because the piano player she had booked was a no-show. Somehow I was convinced to play the part even though I haven't taken piano lessons since I was eight. Maybe I wanted to be the problem solver. The piano was electric and actually played itself, so I just pretended. Everyone thought I was real great but I felt like a fake.

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