Last night I made chili and cornbread for dinner. Mmm, mmm. Nate was suffering from some pretty debilitating allergies, so we took it easy and I pulled out some of my stories from kindergarten and first grade and read them. :) I like to think I've come a long way since then. Here's a peek into the mind of 6-year-old Alyssa.

"I like ku."
"The Giant Banana Split"
The Giant Banana Split
Once I had some ice cream. It was so small my finger was bigger than it! I sat there and wished it was as big as the whole world! And guess what ... I got one that night! Because I wished on a star! It was so big, my mom let me invite all the people in the world to help eat it! She even let me invite the Chinese people! It took us three million years to eat it! Then we never had to eat anything for five thousand years. That's the end of my story! THE END!

The Pumpkin Girl (10/6/94)
Once upon a time there was a pumpkin girl. She always collected pumpkins. One day she found one hundred pumpkins! She was so happy, she fainted. The End.

Halloween (9/27/94)
One Halloween night, a little boy was going to bed. He heard a "Booooo!" He was so scared he lost his eyeballs! It was so disgusting. The End!

The Sleepover (1/9/95)
One day Mom decided that we hardly got to have friends over to have a sleepover. So she said we could have Kaylene over one day and Melissa and Keira over for a sleepover. So we called Kaylene and Melissa and Keira. Kaylene came over just to play but Keira and Melissa came over for the sleepover. We stayed up all night! We had fun at the sleepover.

Who Stole Christmas? (11/17/94)
One rainy, misty morning in November, I asked my mom how many more months until Christmas? Two, said mother. When Christmas came, mother said this year on the news the police said there will be no Christmas. BUT WHY? That evening on the news I heard that they caught a man down by the river! They said that he stole Christmas! Well now we got Christmas back. MERRY CHRISTMAS! THE END


  1. I knew back then you would be a great writer!

  2. LOVE! You were a very talented young writer then, and still are now! : )


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