P: Parthenon

This weekend was beautiful. Saturday around lunchtime I sat on my front porch and read. I love the big tree in my front yard. One of these days every single one of those leaves is going to fall off into  my yard. I remember last year it took me three hours to rake them all up!

Saturday afternoon, Nate and I went to Centennial Park. There was a culture festival going on. Nashvillians from all over the world were there. The Parthenon was free on Saturday. (It's usually $6/person to get in.) Inside the Parthenon is a big statue of Athena.

There were pictures up of the original Parthenon in Athens. Everything on display was pretty interesting. Probably not $6 worth of interesting, but worth checking out on a free day. :) 

After community group and church on Sunday, I made buffalo chicken sandwiches and we watched the Titans play the Broncos. When the game was over, Nate and I walked around my neighborhood and threw the Frisbee. Fall has definitely arrived in Nashville! It was in the 40s when I went out to my car this morning! I pulled my electric blanket out of my closet last night and slept well.

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