me vs. the phlebotomist

This morning I drove to the Red Cross to donate blood. Someone called me earlier this week, asking me to donate. They said if I come they'll give me tickets to the Blues Festival in March and a T-shirt.

Let's face it. I'm not one to pass up free stuff. And I generally don't really mind giving blood. Since I've lived in Nashville, I've donated 9 pints. So I made my appointment and went. The place was packed.

I tell the phlebotomist every time which vein to use. I know which veins wimp out halfway through and which one works (even if it doesn't look like it will at first). And every time the phlebotomist thinks I'm crazy and decides she will try a "better" vein first. To make a long story short, she put the needle in the vein I told her not to. I didn't look but I heard her say, "Oh, shoot," and she proceeded to dig around in my right arm before giving up.

Apparently I have really small veins. She asked if she could at least look at my left arm. She found a vein, and 45 minutes after I got in the chair, I got out of it with two bandaged arms.

I got my T-shirt (a large ... I gave it to Nate) and a ticket to the Blues Festival. One ticket. What am I going to do with one ticket? Even if we bought another (they're $40, so we won't) it wouldn't be in the same section. Anyone interested in going to the Blues Festival alone?


  1. Wow, i think i'd be talking to the supervisor of the phleb, and also about getting another ticket, if when they called you they specifically said "tickets." That's just rude - especially when giving blood is such an important thing someone can do! If ppl feel taken advantage of, it will only hinder the donations more! :(

  2. Sell it on Craigslist for half of list price. Someone will buy it.


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