Well, it's snowing again in Nashville. You know what that means:

Ah, yes. Nobody likes driving in the snow. Lots of accidents. Fortunately it didn't start getting too heavy until 3:30, just as I got home. Nashville is expected to get 1.5" ... a dusting compared to the 16" dumped on my hometown overnight. The difference is that in Kansas there are no hills. People here have started abandoning their cars and walking because they can't make it up the inclines. Some friends have reported 4-hour commutes home with an average speed of 4.5. I'm glad I'm in for the night.

Nate and I went to Kroger after work to get milk (because I really was out and wanted milk to put in my tea ... regardless of the snow). When we got home, the snow was falling in huge wet chunks so we stood in it for awhile.

Miles did not love it.

For dinner, I made chicken quesadillas. Technically more like chicken fajita quesadillas a.k.a. amazing. Nate said they were in his top 10, maybe even #1. (He says Top 10 about almost every dinner though.)

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  1. aww, miles might not have loved the snow, but you two took a lovely picture! : )


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