Happy Thursday! Last night I brought out the big guns and made the best dinner I've made in awhile: crunchy chicken with mashed potatoes and veggies. Note that Nate puts Louisiana hot sauce on everything. We bought a giant 3-pack of it from Sam's Club.

This week has been the Kids Ministry Conference at LW, so we had all sorts of speakers here like Jon Acuff from Stuff Christians Like, and last night the Duggars (19 kids) were here. I didn't go because the sessions were late in the evening but I heard it was cool.

I got my flu shot this week at work. Vanderbilt University just set a world record yesterday for their Fluapalooza … they vaccinated more than 12,000 students and faculty in 8 hours (that's 1 person every 2.4 seconds). They're ready in case there is ever a pandemic and they have to vaccinate the masses. I've been hearing a lot of coughing and sniffling at work already this season.

Here's a video showing the typical day of Miles and Otis. Otis is usually the initiator and Miles' biting goes from biting to licking so it's kind of cute. These guys eat and poop like nobody's business. I thnk Miles has gained five pounds. He's a beast. They are quite the pair of troublemakers. They've gotten up under our bed and ripped the lining off the bottom of the box springs so they can climb up inside. Sheesh.

It's raining in Nashville today. High of 66.

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