sq. ft. gardening.

Does anyone have experience with square foot gardening? I checked out the square foot gardening book from the library, and I'm planning out my spring/summer 2012 garden this fall. I'm planning on planting blueberry and raspberry bushes soon. Tips on building raised beds? I think I will buy seeds and start early by planting indoors. (Which will be interesting considering we don't have a lot of spare room in the house.)

It's so tempting to want to plant everything but I think I better start small my first year until I get good at it and figure out what grows well here and how to keep things alive. The good thing is we have a pretty big backyard (about 30 ft. by 15 ft. open to garden). Unfortunately we have a pretty small freezer but hopefully this will turn into an opportunity to get to know our neighbors because we can share the crop with them.

Hopefully this fall we can go ahead and get the beds built. If we were handier we could probably set up the shed to make a nice slightly warmer place to start out the plants. I rarely go in the shed though because I'm creeped out by all the spiders and camel crickets. This will be a fun hobby. I like being outside. We'll see just how green my thumb really is.

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  1. Just fyi... for blueberries, be sure that you have a few different varieties of plants. You won't have any berries if you don't have at least two different varieties. Blueberries require cross-pollination in order to produce fruit.


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