Nate had ITG today, and I was in charge of picking up lunch for the men. They had Baja Burrito cater, so we set everything up around 11:45 and I made myself a plate to go. I had the plate on the passenger seat and was driving home when a lady on Franklin Pike slammed on her brakes in front of me. I had too as well and reached over to keep the plate from sliding onto the floor. Instead, my hand came down on the edge of the plate and beans and rice went flying, sticking everywhere from the glove box to the ceiling to the back seat. Not sure how that happened, but it was sad because that was my delicious lunch. Baja Burrito catered our rehearsal dinner; they're great.

I ran to Target this afternoon to get Nate a new pair of khakis. His old work pants were holey! I felt bad sending him out of the house like that. I saw Nate for about five minutes when he rushed home to change and leave for work. I was feeling creative/wanting to do something with quick results so I went to Home Depot to find paint for the kitchen. I'd describe the current paint color as brownish peach. Ick.

The wait was long in the paint department. The guy in the white hat on the left didn't speak very clear English but he did ask me if I was painting my house myself, and I said yes, the kitchen. He gave me his card (he is a painter). It also said "house cleaning" and he said his wife does that. That's a pretty good strategy, handing out your cards to people buying paint. I'm too cheap though so I'm still painting the kitchen myself.

The cabinets are an off white, kind of toasted oatmeal color. So I got two coordinating colors. The first was black tulip, which is actually a deep purple. I'm painting the east wall with this color. There's actually not much wall to paint on this side.

My second color is hazy sage. It's a light green and its name describes it pretty well. The camera didn't capture it very well and I'm not exactly sure how I feel about it, but I think once the entire wall is done I will like it more. I covered all I could with the sample. I'll have to get a gallon to finish the three walls.

Here's a closer look at the complimentary colors. They remind me of grapes, at least the idea of grapes because I've never seen grapes that dark but I think painting a kitchen based on food is a pretty good strategy. This paint really smells bad so hopefully I'll get this project knocked out soon and it'll dry fast. It'll probably take a week or so since I'm always using the kitchen and I'll have to move all the appliances out away from the wall.

Happy Saturday,

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  1. You can get low VOC paint (according to younghouselove.com places can color match this paint to the swatch you want). It's a (more) eco-friendly and nose-friendly option. :)


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