Today was planting day. I knocked some more money off our Home Depot gift card and came home with 4 blueberry plants (2 different kinds) and 2 azaleas to replace the rhododendrons I recently pulled up from in front of the house.

planting day
azaleas in place
I could not figure out where I wanted to plant the blueberries. I originally planned for the back side of the house, but the grass back there is getting tall and it would be a lot of work to clear it out so I settled with right in front of the sidewalk out front. I'm not sure I love it, but if they get 4-5 feet wide/tall like they're supposed to,  it would make a little hedge there. There is a strip of grass between the flower bed and sidewalk, and it'd be nice to pull out the grass and just make it all a flower bed. I randomly planted my bulbs in the front too.

Otis is currently in the kitchen batting a piece of his own hardened poop across the floor. He is so weird. The only bad thing about two cats is twice as much poop. I'm scooping the litter box twice a day. Nate said he would be okay with keeping him if the opportunity came. I'm not sure yet. I just spend a lot of time cleaning up litter from (how did that get there?) all over the house.
hey hello.
Nate was on fall break yesterday and I had taken the day off as a training and development day. After lunch we used a coupon code to get a free movie from Blockbuster Express. We got The Conspirator. It's about the others (besides John Wilkes Booth) who were charged in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Mostly it focuses on the one woman charged with conspiracy to kill the president, vice president, and speaker of the house. It was good! I'd recommend it. I think you can get it at RedBox too.

Southwest is running an awesome deal through Monday where many flights are $59 one-way. Woo hoo! This will knock a couple hundred off our trip home for Christmas. We'll be hitting KC and Denver over the course of a week. I'm looking forward to it.

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  1. I tried to plant azaleas once. I don't think they like Kansas winters!


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