Nate and I are sick. At first I thought I had just pulled a Miles and eaten too much too fast, but we suspect it's food poising because last night shortly after I started puking, Nate did too. We at Popeye's chicken for dinner which we have done on occasion and we did last night because I didn't have any dinner prepared. Well you can bet that Popeye's HQ will be getting an e-mail/letter from me requesting our $15 back. Worst money we ever spent because we feel awful. Nate has thrown up twice, and I'm up to I think 7, the last of which was public.

I had an unrelated dr. appt. scheduled today that I was determined to make it to so I showered and got out of the house, sipping water all the way. But as soon as I stepped out of the car at the Vandy 100 Oaks center, I thought, oh no. I made it inside and frantically looked for restrooms but was not successful. I sat down on the first set of chairs in the lobby and doubled over, hoping the feeling would pass. But as soon as some lady started walking by, I said, "Could you tell someone I'm about to be sick? I'm going to throw up."

And the poor man at the information desk did not make it to me in time, and I threw up on the linoleum floor. It was all water, so it could have been worst. He made it to me with a barf bag and I puked twice more. I was surrounded by three people making sure I was okay and finding out where my appt. was an canceling it for me and telling me to just go home and reschedule later. They even had a wheelchair out there for me, but I left on my own accord. Sheesh.

So, Nate and I are pretty worthless today. I'm going to Google what to do about food poisoning. Last night we were ready to go the ER but didn't. Nate is supposed to work tonight but is going to try to switch with someone. Needless to say, we are miserable.

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  1. oh, bummer! i hope you'll both be fully recovered soon! and popeye's owes you AT LEAST your $15 back! yikes!


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