The band warms up before the worship gathering.

Last night our college group got together for the Immanuel College Worship Gathering -- the first of those we will have on the last Friday of each month. After Nate's intro and several songs, Dan brought the message.

Think about this sentence: God has done it. Do you believe that? Everything we do in our lives is for a reason. Ask yourself "why? why? why? why?" to get to the heart of the matter for everything you do and the reason is this problem we all face from birth: sin. We're stained with it, and everything we do (when you get down to it) is to deal with that problem. Maybe you try to work hard to make yourself okay. Maybe you try to be really good to cover that sin yourself. But it's in vain because nothing you can do is good enough. Our lives are full of anxious toil. How can we sleep at night?

He has done it. God sent Jesus to live the perfect life we would never live, the perfect life we haven't lived. He sent Him to die the guilty death we don't want to die. And by His grace, we are covered by the Son's blood. He has done it. Our greatest problem, our greatest need. Dealt with. Met. Satisfied.

Sleep well tonight with your faith firmly in Christ. He has done it.

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